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The stories produced by Natalie Fuschi Photography are usually described as genuine, happy, and cherished. Natalie strives to serve her clients in an authentic manner, providing exceptional service along with emotional photos to document you and yours. Natalie Fuschi Photography specializes in birth, high school senior, and family photography. Through Natalie's genuine photos of your family, your story comes alive in a way that leaves you happy, in a way that will forever be cherished. 

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birth stories

The pains of labor. The anxiety building in the room. The pacing Daddy and the contracting Mama. The unity of bringing a new life into the world. The very second that your little one debuts. The very first cry. The measuring. The tears. The joy. The hand holding, the snuggles, the love.

Family stories 

The snuggles and their tiny chubby hands. The giggles and the joy behind their smiles. The tantrums and stomping when they don't get their way. The fun activities and traditions. The jumping on your bed, the blowing bubbles in your backyard. All of the little things are really the big things.



"Working with Natalie was an incredible experience! My family came into Memphis from out of town and she was gracious with scheduling. I also have three younger brothers who hate taking photos, and she worked wonders with them. All the pictures turned out beautifully - probably our best family photos ever. For Christmas I ordered canvas photos for both my mother and my grandmother and they display them proudly in their homes. It's over a year later and I still have her photos as my Facebook profile and cover photo!"          - Jenny F.

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