Birth Stories | Memphis Birth Photographer

The photos from your birth will be genuine, raw, emotional, and captivating. 

As your birth photographer, your baby’s entrance will be captured. Your baby’s story will be documented. You will have the ability to view the most amazing day of your life in art form. You will be able to relive the birth of your child for years to come.

Having a birth photographer means that Dad will be able to focus on his baby's first breath. It means that you both will be able to focus on your brand new baby and be in the moment the entire time. Your Birth Story with me begins with a complimentary consultation where we can talk and get to know one another. I will be on-call for two weeks leading up to your due date and for one week afterward. During this time, you are my top priority and I (and my equipment!) will be ready whenever you call to say that you're in labor. I will document your labor and delivery from around 5cm until your brand new baby is up to two hours old. Shortly afterward, I will send you a few digital images to share if you wish. Whenever you are settled in at home, I will bring the edited proofs to you (along with dinner!) for you to look through them and experience the joy of your baby's birth all over again! The most common products from a birth session are signature photo albums, digital images, and lustre coated prints. All products are from my professional, high-quality printing lab.

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