Memphis Photographer | Don't Quit Your Daydream

I remember when I first read that quote.  It caught me off guard.  Ya know those evenings where you’re tired and bored but you don’t want to just go to bed, so you sink into your couch and scroll through Pinterest for way too long to admit? Yeah, me either. ….So I saw the quote, “Don’t Quit Your Daydream” on Pinterest and it stopped me in my scroll. Obviously it was in a cute font and looked adorable, but the quote really hit me, too. 

My daydream has been the same for many years. It can be summed up in three words: wife, mom, photographer. In that order. I had two out of three. I’m a wife to an amazing, supportive man and a mom to an awesome, handsome boy. But, that third dream was only in my life a little.  I had the perfect instrument for my favorite hobby: my dream camera. I had an awesome computer and editing software. I had support and encouragement from my husband and close friends and family. And most importantly, lots of prayers. Lots and lots of prayers. 

Jon and I had talked about my transition from full-time secretary to full-time photographer for a long time. We had discussed it, gone through pros and cons, prayed about it, sought counsel over it.  I knew from deep in my gut (since I was a teenager, might I add) that photography was a huge dream of mine. 

There is never a perfect time. Perfection is a weird mystery to me.  We knew that there would never be a perfect time for this transition. But there was one thing for sure: at some point, there would be a “too late” time. I needed to take the leap of faith. I needed to thank God for my blessings of support with friendships and lovely equipment and take that leap of faith. 

March of this year was the time for that leap of faith. Mid-March, I said goodbye to my day job. More than that, I said good bye to working 8:30-5 and then passively pursuing my dream on the evenings and weekends. I said my good byes and see ya laters to the doctors I worked for and to my coworkers and managers. I enjoyed my time with them and miss so many of them, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to do what I love daily.  

I said hello to my dream. I said thank you to my husband for him believing in me and making my dream a priority. I said thank you to God for this indescribable gift of my dream becoming a reality. 

I leave you with this: What is your daydream? What is holding you back? What steps can you take to pursue your talents and hobbies and hopes?