Memphis Photographer | National Pie Day

My precious Mamaw (if you aren’t from the South, that means Grandma) loves pie. She once told my sister, “There’s only two kinds of pie I like: hot and cold!”  

She is so right. Not only is she loving and caring and nurturing, she is also a fantastic cook. She makes the most amazing breakfast and can make pie and cake and everything. She does not need measuring cups or spoons. She has years of experience in the kitchen and the best God-given tools around: her hands. 

I love watching my Mamaw cook. She can whip up some delicious cornbread in her cast iron skillet so easily. She doesn’t need a recipe to make a cake from scratch. Or biscuits. Or the best gravy in the world. Or a perfect pie. 

In honor of national Pie Day, I made this delicious apple pie. I used baking utensils that my sweet Mamaw gave me. It was perfect.

Oh, and I did use a recipe for the dough and for the pie