Memphis Photographer | Star Wars and all things Sci Fi

Can I tell you something? I have always hated sci fi. I have never been interested in Star Wars or aliens or robots or zombies or anything like that. I always thought that stuff was weird.

But then I got married. And marriage changes people. It's inevitable. 

I married a sci fi guy. I don't know if that's a real term, but it works for me. Jon likes Star Wars and all things sci fi but he is a trekkie at heart. He loves Star Trek. I remember when he first told me that he was a trekkie. We were dating and I remember thinking, "hmm, do I act like I know what that is and play it cool or do I ask questions to figure out what in the world he is talking about?!" I of course questioned him and then learned alllllllll about Star Trek. 

Okay, back to the point of this post. In an effort to share thrills and joys with my husband and know a little of what he is talking about when he talks his nerdy talks, I have watched sci fi movies and shows with him and Dylan. We have been through all of the Harry Potter movies and now most of the Star Wars movies and some of the shows. Of course we have watched Star Trek as well.

So for Christmas, Jon and I were ecstatic about something special that Santa was bringing for Dylan! Seeing Dylan's face light up when he saw his new X-wing Starfighter under the tree made every minute of those movies worth it. 

A few days before Christmas break ended, Dylan and I went out for a quick photo shoot with his new beloved toy. He loves his new x-wing so much and that brings me so much joy!