Memphis Family Photographer | Dylan

This is one of my most favorite sessions I have ever done. It was hot and humid out so we did this quickly. Although it was quick, it was a ton of fun. We giggled and laughed through the session. I am so very pleased with this photo session.

I am so fortunate for the fact that Dylan loves to model for the camera! He is almost always up for taking pictures and trying out new locations with me. But let me tell ya, sometimes he does not want to take pictures. Totally understandable especially since I take a whole lot of pictures!

On this day, Dylan was inside listening to Weird Al music (no joke) and playing video games (probably 2k or Portal or something, I can't remember). So, naturally, he did not want to stop his fun afternoon to go out in 100° humid weather to take pictures. Plus he had to put on khaki shorts which are OH SO TERRIBLE when you usually spend your summer in basketball shorts!

So, moms (and dads, and nannies, and grandma's, and okay, you get it), I have a tip for you! Everyone loves taking pictures of their kids, right? Anywhere you go, parents typically have their phones out taking pictures of their kids. While I certainly encourage investing in professional portraits, I do have some advice for taking pictures of them. 

This is my biggest tip for taking pictures of your own children: catch them off guard.

I know that doesn't sound like much, but trust me, it is. Do you know what I did for this session? I told Dylan he could take off his shirt and flip flops. I mean, come on, what 10-year-old dude doesn't like going shirtless?! He was so excited!

Now, going shirtless may not be your cup of tea. And that's okay. But there are other ways to surprise your kids. If you pull up your phone or camera and say, "Say cheese!" while they're in the middle of painting or looking adorable at the park, sometimes you may get a smile but a lot of times you get one of two things: a non-smiling child or a super fake permanently in the "CHHH" part of "cheese" smile. Neither of those are probably what you're going for, right? 

So catch them off guard by NOT telling them to smile. Catch them off guard by allowing something silly like splashing or clapping. Or just don't say anything - just take their photo while they are in the act of an every day activity. Or start singing their favorite songs or make funny animal noises.

Our kids know how to push our buttons. They know how to NOT smile for you or how to run away when you start taking pictures. Surprise them with something new and I think you will be surprised, too. 

PS. Here's a hilarious outtake from the beginning of this session. This was, of course, before his shirt came off and before I started making crazy faces and fart noises.