World Photo Day | my favorite photo

World Photo Day started in 2009 to celebrate the passion for photography among different communities.

The challenge on this day is to post ONE photo to share with the world. ONE? How?

I thought about it for a while and one of my most favorite photos I have EVER taken came to mind.

This photo was taken exactly two years ago in downtown Memphis. Jon, Dylan, and I were having a fun photo session before grabbing dinner together. They are both into Harry Potter and inspired (okay, made me) watch all of the movies. And we went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios that summer. 

So here it is, my favorite picture. My dudes with their Harry Potter wands in front of a beautiful sunset over the Mississippi River. 

I love this photo because it is fun. It shows their personalities, their love for HP and each other, their playfulness, and their willingness to do what I say when I have my camera out. ;) 

Jon and Dylan are my HP teachers and my biggest sources of laughter. Dylan is my main photography subject and my location scouting partner. Jon is my biggest supporter and fan. He talks through my ideas with me and helps me with the business side of things. Without him, this photography business would still just be a dream.

I am so grateful for these dudes and I love this picture and will love it forever and ever. I am so thankful that they help me with my passion! Happy World Photo Day!