Memphis Photographer | National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day

We rescued our dog, Titan, from the Memphis Animal Shelter (the pound) in the fall of 2013. He is SO CUTE and sweet! He is patient with Dylan and any other kids we have around and he is usually calm and happy to just relax and lay around. He loves playing with other dogs at the park and going for walks! He also goes crazy for treats and leg scratches. But let me tell you something he does not love: taking pictures. Y'all. This boy is STUBBORN and sometimes it drives me crazy!

So I lured him into our backyard for some pictures. I thought this would be easy, he could just stand or sit or lay in the grass and I could get some cute shots of him! 

But no. Nope. Not even a treat would entice him to the yard! He laid down on the patio and protested. 

So I went to him.

So, in his typical stubborn attitude, he looked away from me. What a brat!

Then I move around him to the other side thinking he may look at me that way.

Then he proceeded to turn his entire body the other way! 

I finally got his cute little face. But it's much cuter in real life because he is so stubborn and apparently not photogenic. 

Though Titan is strong-willed and he likes to go outside then inside then back outside then come back inside about 372 times a day, he is such a joy in our home.

We are so thankful that we adopted him and that he is one of our family members now. He is loyal, sweet, and happy. He is my walking partner, he makes us laugh when he acts silly at the dog park, and he cracks us up when he is being demanding about stuff. For instance, if he wants a bite of your food or if he wants his dinner or he wants to go for a walk, he lets you know. He will claw you and "talk" to you and it's hilarious. He's my little furry BFF and I am so grateful for him.

If you have ever thought about getting a dog (or another dog), I highly recommend adoption. There are SO MANY dogs in shelters (some high kill, some low kill) that need homes. There are SO MANY dogs in rescue groups and foster homes that need forever families. There are SO MANY dogs wandering the streets that need a warm home and some TLC. 

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." -Josh Billings