Germantown Birth Photographer | Hadley Elizabeth

Let me just say, I adore babies. I have always been fascinated by birth and pregnancy and little tiny humans. God is so creative and detailed in His work!

I was thrilled when Lauren and Jorge reached out and asked me about photographing sweet Hadley's entrance into the world! I had the privilege of documenting their first baby's birth and I am so thankful they asked me to capture their second baby's birth, too!

Lauren was scheduled for induction Monday, September 26. Even though I knew she was being induced, I could not sleep the night before! I was so excited and anxious about this sweet baby's birth and wanted to make sure I was there on time and ready to photograph this special occasion!

Lauren kept me up to date all morning with every detail. I was ready to go (and had been for over a week with my bags and equipment ready, waiting for THE call!). As soon as she hit 5 cm, I headed to the hospital. They were surrounded by Lauren's family and the room was full of excitement as everyone was preparing to meet sweet Hadley.

Shortly after I arrived, it was time. Time for baby Hadley's arrival! She moved from 5 cm to 10 cm in less than two hours! Hadley was ready to meet her mommy and daddy!

Hadley Elizabeth · 9 pounds of perfection

Two pushes. Literally. Two. Meet precious Hadley, world. She is beautiful!

Congratulations to Lauren and Jorge and to Big Brother Grayson! Hadley is beautiful!! 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to document the most amazing event ever! Birth photography is incredible and it makes me fall in love with my job even more!