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How it all started... | Memphis Photographer

family time in Collierville, TN

I have always loved babies and children for as long as I can remember. My mom says that when my brother was born, it was like she had a living baby doll for me and my sister! From the time that I can remember, I knew that I wanted to be a mom. I enjoy snuggling with babies, talking to little ones and teaching them, playing with blocks and puzzles and dolls. My passion for children easily led me to my first job: babysitting. 

Now, let me back up here a bit. Growing up, I vividly remember times where I would sit and look through photo albums and boxes of photos. I was always intrigued by photos, whether I was in them or even if I didn't know the people, that didn't matter to me. I loved looking at pictures as I felt like it gave me a glimpse of that person's family and home, or a glimpse of my parent's homes growing up, or a glimpse of my sister's life before I came along. 

Back to babysitting... When I was 13, I started babysitting alongside my best friend, Emily. We took care of two precious babies together daily after school. By word of mouth, our babysitting jobs grew and grew. Soon, I started babysitting for various families during the weekends. I loved every minute of it! I took care of tons of babies and kiddos and developed great friendships with their parents. One perk to my babysitting job: their family camera! 

 Sweet boys that I babysit; this was during a pajama dance party! (January 2015)

Sweet boys that I babysit; this was during a pajama dance party! (January 2015)

Most of the moms I babysat for had a DSLR camera, so I would use it while I took care of their children. I taught myself manual mode this way! I would document our time together, usually, whether it was photos of their kids playing with play-doh, or their baby cooing on a blanket in the floor. Sometimes, I would even dress the kids up in cute clothes and take pretty pictures in the backyard. 

This was a win/win. Mom and Dad came home to happy kids and new pictures of them! For me, this was the start of my dream job. My two passions collided: babysitting and photography. Soon, in addition to becoming a mom, my dream job was to become a family photographer.

I am so thankful for my babysitting days. While I had a great time playing with kiddos, it was so much more than that. I learned about photography and fell in love with it! This love has driven me to this business. This love has driven me to have a passion not just for photography, but for the art of sharing people's stories.